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Our mission and vision is to enable as many people as possible in the world access to first class, professional training and education in the different fields of Psychology.


Our faculty consists of professors, academics, practicing psychologists, psychotherapists and counselors from renowned universities and clinics worldwide. Our educational strategy is to enable our students through direct access to our team of world class academics and practitioners in the field of Psychology.

Faculty Staff

Prof. Man Cheung Chung

Dr. Edward WengLok Chan

Dr. Knuth Muller

Dr. Eduardo C. Caligner

Dr. Miodrag B. Milovanovic

Dr. Benig Mauger

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Professor Emeritus of Music Therapy, Maryville University; Director of Moreno Institute for the Creative Arts Therapies; Author of “Acting Your Inner Music: Music Therapy and Psychodrama”; Recipient of National Award in Research and Publications, American Music Therapy Association; Recipient of Innovator’s Award, American Association for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama.

B.A.,Ph.D (Psychology), PhD (Philosophy), AFBPsS, Csci, Cpsychol

Professor of Psychology, Natural Science & Public Health Zayed University, Abu Dhabi.

FMAPsy, FMCBTA,PMMSCM, D.Phil. , M.Sc., B.Sc (Hons.)

Board Member, World Council for Psychotherapy; President, International Society for Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry Theories, Researches & Clinical Practices; Chair, Asia Pacific Rim International Counseling & Psychotherapy Conference 2013; President, Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy; Head of Psychotherapy Chapter, Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine.


Psychiatrist and Gestalt psychotherapist. Works in Slovenia: at the Primary Health Center in Novo mesto, at the Center for prevention and treatment of addiction of illicit drugs (CPTAID) in Novo mesto, at IRI Ljubljana, at the prison in Novo mesto, at General hospital in Brežice. Has a psychotherapy practice in Slovenia and B&H. Has been experienced in work with diverse population in health care, imprisoned, people in conflict with law as well as the people in need.

PhD candidate at University of South Africa (UNISA); M.Ed (Psych), Sports Psychology. Sport Teaching & Coaching

Principal Sport Instructor, Sport Studio-Center “Pilatelicious”; Teacher, Sport Studio-Center “Pilatelicious”; Coach, Sport Studio-Center “Pilatelicious”.

Clinical Psychologist, Department Of Psychology, AUT University, Auckland.

Benig has a background in psychology and childbirth education, founding the Holistic Birth Centre in London in the 1980s. She is a Jungian psychoanalytic psychotherapist, teacher and writer. Author of Songs From the Womb, Reclaiming Father and Love in a Time of Broken Heart – Healing From Within, she lectures and writes extensively on modern living from a psychological and spiritual perspective. A pioneer in pre and perinatal psychology, she maintains a private practice and travels internationally to lecture, teach and run workshops.

Ph.D. Studies (Free University of Berlin)

Dissertation Title: "On Behalf of the Agency – Encounters between the Psychoanalytic Community and the U.S.-Intelligence Community since 1940: History & Consequences of an unexpected Liaison". Psychoanalytic Training at Berlin Institute for Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis (BIPP). Training according to the Guidelines of the German Psychoanalytic Society (DPG) and the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA). Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst in Private Practice in cooperation with Oberberg City Berlin

M.D. (Psychiatry) Executive Medical Director for Trauma Programs, Timberlawn Mental Health, Dallas; Forest View Hospital, Michigan; & Del Amo Hospital, California; Board Member, International Society for the Psychological Treatment of Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses (ISPS); Member, American Psychiatric Association; Founder and President, Colin A.Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma, USA.


Counseling Psychologist, PAP Board Certified Specialist Ateoneo de Manila University, Manila, Philippines.


Dr. Judy Kuransky

New York University, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Graduate School of Arts and SciencesDr. Kuriansky is an internationally known clinical psychologist, humanitarian, award-winning journalist, and well-known radio and television personality, on the faculty at Columbia University Teachers College and an honorary professor at the Peking University Health Sciences Center in China.

Student research supervision interests include

1) history of psychoanalysis (or psychiatry)

2) psychodynamic oriented developmental psychology (Daniel Stern, John Bowlby, René Spitz, Donald Winnicott etc.)

3) clinical psychoanalysis/psychodynamic psychotherapy, and the abuse of theory and technique of psychology,

4) psychiatry, or psychoanalysis in modern times (20th century – to today), especially in connection with modern psychological torture techniques (but not limited to the torture issue)

Student research supervision interests include: 

1) Jungian psychological theory and practice

2) Psychoanalytic theory and practice (Object Relations theory, Bowlby, Winnicott etc.)

3) Attachment theory and practice, Couples and relationship counselling

4) Addiction therapy from a depth psychological (and spiritual) perspective

5) The use of Symbols and metaphor as agents of change in a psychotherapeutic context

6) Dream analysis (Jungian perspective)

7) Pre and perinatal psychology: Theory and Practice

8)The Spiritual perspective: Combining depth psychology with spirituality to create inner healing

9) Soul healing.

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Student research supervision interests include:

1.Integrated work with the creative arts therapies ie music,art,dance and drama.

2.Music and psychodrama.

3.Music and imagery

4.Sources of the creative arts therapies in the indigenous traditional healing practices of the world

5.Analytic music therapy:improvised music as a projective technique in individual and group psychotherapy

6.Music warm-ups for therapeutic interventions